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The new company will postpone the

Event: As the decline in demand, Sharp and Sony originally scheduled to operate the plant jointly set up joint production company set up will be delayed for one year.

Comment: If the Chinese consumer electronics company is not better than the day that Japanese companies can only be difficult to describe, Sharp and Sony delays in forming a joint production company is really quite upset. In addition to Sharp, other Japanese international
Home Appliances
Giants such as Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, etc. have also be exposed loss news
, To postpone a variety of investment plans and do everything possible to reduce expenditure under the financial crisis become a common choice of these enterprises, and as further deepening the financial crisis, waiting for them to remain a thorn.

Two appliance retail giant to adjust business strategy in 2009

GOME Electrical Appliances
Electric in 2009 after the Spring Festival announced development plans, Gome in 2009 the integration of the network layout, the home store in the 1300 off nearly a hundred poor performance of the store, and Su Ning said to open in 2009 side chain about 200.

Comments: The industry would love to put together GOME and Suning contrast, once high-profile and frequent M & A strategy commonly used to expand Gome stores in 2009 to shift the opposite wish to shut down hundreds of homes with poor the store; and the National cautious than the United States, Suning has a high profile position, will open stores in 2009, the new surface is about 200, much to narrow the meaning of the number of Gome stores. Or the old saying goes, "Beware of making years boat", and irrespective of the country to make the U.S. Suning how the future adjustment of the overall economic downturn in consumer demand is not the background, or "Yau" a point, after all, "Circuit City "The tragedy of the plain.

GOME successful re-election
Triple Trading Company
Board of directors

Event: February 2, GOME, Jinan, Shandong Province held a provisional shareholders meeting, the National US-proposed motion was passed smoothly.

Comment: Despite being at the shareholders meeting area from the triple against the 700 shares, but still the country that the United States 99.99% of the votes the motion was adopted. And
Sanlian Group
Rest until, on the one hand want to buy triple trading company sued Gome shares in existence when the wrongful act, on the other hand, there are news that, in order to compete in the end with Gome, Joint Group To set up the "new triad." End here! After a year-long dispute over triple trading company shares to State Board of the United States ended with the successful re-election after triple trading company, triple trading company "Triple Gang" and began preparations for a "new triad" will be selected on opening, that means three struggle between the United States and National Union, the infighting up to the next battle. But I think that saying "to your guns", if any of this battle continues, the end result will only country the United States, triple group, three triple trading company lost all the result of injury, it would be best for all investors do not want to see.

AQSIQ issued a notice to deploy appliances to the countryside quality supervision

Event: February 4, AQSIQ issued a notice requiring the full deployment of quality supervision departments at all levels of product quality supervision of home appliances to the countryside.

Comments: appliance parts and beneficial to the countryside this is a good thing, farmers may benefit, companies have to market, the Government hearts of the people. Be in addition to the regular vendors, other "cottage" goods, fake goods production are, Pong designer labels have long been eyeing the rural areas I am afraid this piece of "fat", when these mercenary who produce is, defective, waste, substandard products into the homes of peasants, "home appliances to the countryside" reputation can imagine, but for which formal firms, qualified products, probably also suffered, product sales may be hampered not say, farmers or their favorite brand was marked "question mark" the. But having said that, the quality of supervision is not a person or a part of the problem can be solved, it requires the efforts of the whole society, farmers have the talents, enterprises have a conscience, the Government has the responsibility and so on.

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