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Present, affecting the global financial crisis sped to the small and medium enterprises to create dramatic impact on the Pearl River Delta, known as "the world's printing supplies capital" can not stay in Zhuhai. According to the economic and trade department said in Zhuhai, one-third of this year, supplies of local business failures, with annual sales of over a hundred billion Zhuhai supplies industry has been hit early. This spring was a little "cold"! Present, affecting the global financial crisis sped to the small and medium enterprises to create dramatic impact on the Pearl River Delta, known as "the world to print Consumables Capital "can not stay in Zhuhai. Zhuhai City, according to the economic and trade department revealed that one third of this year, local supplies business failures, with annual sales of over a hundred billion Zhuhai supplies industry has been hit early. This spring was a little" cold " !

However, in the fields of a pessimistic tone in Zhuhai, but came from an exciting news: As the leader of the emperor's general supplies in the first quarter of the first three months of this year, the domestic market volume up more than three percent! created a contrarian up miracle. Tianwei domestic sales company?? Zhuhai Pan Ling Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Pan Zhengjun sales with five "know the road win," summed up the results today.

One, know you can not fight war with wins
Advance preparation of its profits, if not excellent quality, only cheaper plans, then compatible supplies to and enjoy an edge in the original supplies Competition, the same as in the breaks against, can only be reduced to pick up to spread the goods. Since the founding of the moment Tianwei, realized this point, the quality as life.

Tianwei is the first by ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification of general supplies vendor. Product quality speaks for itself. Even more commendable is that, at present, the total number of patent applications have been Tianwei over 1000, with full intellectual property rights 86T cartridge is awarded "China Patent Award." Successfully completed from the "Made in China" to "create" the gorgeous turn! Is the virtue of courage strong words against the original supplies of excellent strength, Tianwei products in the minds of the majority of users, establishing a good reputation, after 20 years of development, day Wei has become the world's number one general supplies vendor (in variety and sales volume). Not only in the domestic market, most populous, with more than a heavy trade, technology and patent barriers, developed countries have moved quickly into Europe and the United States market, the headquarters of conquering a city in the original supplies.

Second, knowledge Zhonggua purposes wins Light good product does not work, wine is also deeply afraid of the alley. This requires the help of a sound and efficient dealer Network Products the customer needs to send down, the problem will pass up customer feedback and continuous improvement to improve their products and services. Homogeneity in the distribution model growing today, Tianwei bold innovation, first introduced in the industry "First Express", a comprehensive marketing platform based CallCenter sales, marketing, customer service and information centers in one, through standardized, uniform The process of greatly increased the speed of service response. 7-10 working days before need, to go through several levels to deal with the information, within 24 hours now can be immediately resolved to do something on clear days. A variety of sales policy, marketing programs can also be the day quickly and accurately communicated to thousands of dealers all over the country. In the business opportunities are fleeting, and "fast fish eat slow fish" Today, this innovative marketing tool, well Dealers praise.

Three, up and down with the desire to wins
Two sessions this year, the Government has repeatedly stressed that we must plug the loopholes in management and strive to reduce administrative costs, build a conservation-oriented government. "Conservation of resources and harmonious development" environment in the financial crisis, has become the consensus of more and more people. This consensus, led more and more government agencies, enterprises and institutions began to favor inexpensive generic supplies, which have obvious advantages for the cost of general supplies industry, no doubt brought a rare opportunity.

Tianwei as the industry leader and supplies special committee chairman units, in addition to its positive corresponding to the call has introduced affordable, safe and environmentally friendly products, but also the industry's high standing, through various channels actively running calls, strive for the general supplies in government procurement to win a fair competition. Early this year, the Zhuhai Municipal Government

printing supplies procurement, Tianwei, with excellent quality and environmental safety of the outstanding performance of a number of bidders to stand out from the first to taste the cake sent in government procurement.

4, to be no fears of danger wins

With sharp market sense of smell, Tianwei early as last year, on notice to the overall economic environment has gradually shown signs of deterioration, and be prepared to start early preparations for the winter. Tianwei in-house made a resounding "30" slogan, namely: cost savings to zero losses, improve quality to lodge a complaint, to improve the business risk to zero. And issued a series of optimized matching talent, optimize the process, optimize the supply chain, improve the efficiency measures. It is through this series of action also makes the quality of Tianwei product satisfaction, service satisfaction was greatly improved.

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