How To Buy A Trading Computer & Save Thousands

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Computers For Trading have a significant amount of tasks to complete with efficacy, accuracy, and speed each and every day. As a day trader trading electronically for more than fifteen years, I have come to learn exactly how well these machines function, when the right components are installed. Im also a bit of tech geek, and like to try new things, so Im equally versed in a lot of functions when the wrong components are installed. Hi, Im Eddie Z, author of How to Buy a Trading Computer & Save Thousands. Today, Im going to discuss a few specifics with regards to components in computers for day trading. This is an abbreviated version of the kinds of materials youll find in my comprehensive guide.

A processor needs to be swift on its feet but also full of bulk and brawn for power. My recommendation for the bare-bones minimum is Intels Core i7 series. The Intel Core i7 2600k is a brand new edition and early reports indicate its the best of the best.

Computers for trading are not unique in needing RAM. Every computer needs adequate RAM, but the simple truth is, computers for trading need lots more of it. Between chart drawings, tickers, applications, custom indicators and the like mean youll need to double the standard. I recommend anywhere from 6GB to 12GB, with 6GB being the true bottom floor.

As far as an operating system goes, computers for trading dont need to be perfect, but they need to be efficient. The vast majority (95%+) of XP and Vista users run 32-Bit editions, and 64-bit is really necessary for any day trader. And did you realize that if you only operate with a 32-bit system and you have more RAM, the machine is only built to recognize 3GB of it even if there is twice that installed!

And of course, when it comes to speed, internet is the other major factor to consider. Your connection should be at minimum 5MB/s, and when talking internet, the more the better always. Trying to connect with less will result in a data traffic jam. The pipeline wont be able to handle the streaming data and youll create a bottleneck effect. Providers advertise up to 100 MB/s these days, and for Computers For Trading, there is really no reason to not take advantage.Technology is truly your friend when it comes to day trading computers. Do your research, understand your needs, and you cant go wrong.

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