States United States For The First Time Admitted There Is No Timetable For Resumption Of Financing

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For the first time on the "financing the door" to make an official response
States United States
Electric night the day before yesterday issued a public notice in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, acknowledged "the company is discussing with potential investors, state investment in the United States," but "as of date hereof, has not reached a binding investment agreement" the U.S. said the country will be "appropriate be released in time to notice, "stated the details of the incident. The question on the resumption of trading, making the country the United States also called the fund-raising activities and other details before the price-sensitive information, will continue to maintain the suspension of trading.

Not yet have a timetable for resumption of trading

Fang Jian days on the sale of 20% stake in Gome For more than rumors, heard that this part of stake in the U.S. now come from the country's largest shareholders
Huang Guangyu
. This reporter has learned, including a consortium of KKR and Bain Capital, Lenovo's Hony Capital and CITIC Capital,
Best Buy
, The original medium and large electrical appliances
Da-Zhong Zhang, Li Ka-shing, Guo Guangchang are rumors of a "potential purchasers", but Best Buy has made it clear that "no interest on the country the United States, will not buy." The Li Ka-shing shares of the rumors came out Jibei Hutchison spokesman denied that, saying "The U.S. is not interested in bidding for the country, the relevant reports were not true."

Latest news is, KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.), Bain (BainCapitalL LC) and Warburg Pincus (Warburg PincusLLC) is part of the shares bid for Gome. The Chinese Pincus has held a minority stake in Gome.

State Electric shares on November 24 last year from the suspension, after the company Chairman Huang Guangyu under investigation for alleged economic crimes, the U.S. shareholder structure in the country, Huang Guangyu and his wife azalea 35.5% as "absolutely substantial shareholder" . Huang Guangyu to accept the investigation, took over as Chairman of the Board, President CHEN, news that the State seems clear management structure within the United States is not stable, the actual investors with Xiao-holding only 7.28%, not a large shareholder, location very embarrassing. Only the formal introduction of the financing package, management structure, rationalize, morale can be truly stable.

Day before the United States from the country's position, although the suspension has been more than six months, the United States in the country will not resume trading until the completion of financing transactions.

First quarter net profit fell Jinsi Cheng

States United States the day before yesterday also announced a quarterly business results, performance report, the National United States in the first 3 months to achieve revenue of approximately 9.801 billion yuan, with revenue last year compared with 12.176 billion yuan, down 19.51%, operating Activities profits fell, recorded 321 million yuan, down 39.66% year on year, net profit was 322 million yuan, down 37.23 percent year on year.

Although the performance is not optimistic, but Gome's spokesman told this newspaper yesterday, stressed that the United States in the first quarter of the country essential to contain the last four quarters of decline, while the United States since the country shut down some stores, "one shop output has increased, "the performance of the integrated gross margin increased by about 0.44 percentage points to about 15.80%.

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