Texas Land For Sale-best Ways To Work Hard To Reach Deer Plots On Your Tx Hunting Land

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Any Texas land for sale is going to be a huge monetary investment for you, dont pass on a good deal because the land is rough, hilly and just plain hard to get around on. I have seen many times in my land trading days when the terrain is a little unforgiving the seller will have to give more on the price to generate a sale. In this article I will discuss ways to work your deer plots when you just cant get a tractor around the land.

Dont give up on your Texas land for sale to early; a good ATV in many cases will do a fine job working your deer plots. I will go over some implements and ATVs I have used in the past on tough land tracts.

Before you even start looking at ATV implements you must first have a machine to pull them with. On Texas land I suggest at least a 300cc motor to pull your heavier implements with, Texas land can be very hilly to plain flat so if your ATV is a little less powerful dont trade it to soon just make sure you implements like a ATV disk does not just over power your machine. If you have never worked deer plots with an ATV before you need to look at the machine you have a little different that just caring you and passengers. I suggest a water cooled engine for more longevity of the machine you buy, remember pulling a heavy disk with task the machine pretty bad especially if its a large plot and you have many plots to work in a short period of time like trying to get all your plots done in one day or one weekend.

Now lets take a look at ATV implements for your food plot work. There are two general categories: seedbed preparation implements and forage-maintenance that you will need on hand to handle all your needs. As you will see when working your machine there will be some overlap like with a sprayer, lime spreaders, plows, disks, cultivators, harrows, seed and fertilizer spreaders and cultipackers.

I will not go over any particular brands for you to purchase you will need to do your own homework on that just keep in mind the implements I have mentioned in this article will all be needed and you will have a substantial investment in your equipment. When looking at equipment get good heavy equipment, check the welding, on your disk make sure it has grease fittings, and make sure the spray rig has a good wide stance with good tires for grip. Take each implement you will need one by one and check the quality this is an investment that will last for many years dont be cheap here it will cost you in the long run.

You can save thousands of dollars when buying Texas land for sale if you dont mind a little rougher terrain and a little more work when building your deer plots and maintaining your land.

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