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If you're new to forex, you're going to need forex charts. As you develop your forex trading system, use the demo accounts that many trade brokers provide. They'll generally provide free forex charts as part of their demo forex trading system. There are basically important factors to consider when selecting a winning forex trading system:

The risk reward ratio - this is a pretty simple method and almost self-explanatory. A good ratio to use when involved in Forex trading is 1:2. In other words for every dollar that you risk your looking to get two dollars back in return. If you do anything less you're setting yourself up for failure as you would have to have successful trades over half the time. This method allows you the luxury of breaking even with a 33% success ratio.

A successful Forex trading system is simple. There is no need for a complicated trading system with too many rules. It is a proven truth that simple systems work better than complicated ones, and they have higher chances of success despite of the "brutal" characteristic of Forex trading.

All successful systems are based on the concept of support and resistance and these are levels that if broken are considered valid by the market participants. Generally you are looking for several tests preferably in two or more time periods that are widely spaced i.e. weeks or months between them.

Customer Service - It's a good sign and important to know that the publisher for whichever program you decide to go with cares enough about your opinion of them to return your message swiftly and effectively responds to your concern. Ideally you'll never have a problem with your program, but in the off chance you ever have a question or issue, it's good to know that it will be taken care of. If the publisher has no phone support, send them an email to gauge their response time. Response time of somewhere between 1 and 3 hours is ideal.
Make sure you get the best Forex trading system education that you can. Avoid free Forex trading system courses and find one that you can budget for. Also be sure to expand your Forex trading education throughout your Forex trading career.

The savviest Forex traders understand that the top Forex currency trading system is the one that they have perfected and fixed to, with no exceptions. Through the creation of your personal Forex currency trading system and fixing to it, will almost place your Forex global trades on autopilot and simply follow the Forex currency trading system you created that are proved to work.

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