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The Colocation Web Hosting programs are admirable way for webmasters to safeguard and protect their investment which is indispensable for accommodating the hosting equipment. The Colocation, provides the equipment, a safe protected storing and responsible maintenance and upgrade, which is a boon for webmasters.

Investing in collocation Web Hosting is valuable rather saying costly or expensive. Investment in such a valuable asset needs to be taken extensive care. A web hosting in a collocation is like a safety locker of a bank deposit, which assures stress free for a good webmaster.

Advantages of Co-location in the view of a good webmaster

It offers lot of options for a webmaster with tremendous control over the system.

1.Options like Virtual application programs, which offer more options for customers.

2.As the ownership of the equipment is with the organization hosting the website, the option of upgrading hardware and software is unlimited and unrestricted.

3.As the direct control of the equipment is with the organization, the availability of the equipment, speed can be well maintained to keep the business on track.

4.Additional features offered at Co-location centre make sure and guarantee the web server is well secured. Add on features like maintaining the controlled room temperature, fire-safety extinguishers, high speed internet connections, power backup, unlimited dedicated bandwidth, and server rooms designed to fit customer requirements.

5.Some extra special features like real time web pages to know who is opening the server cabinet and who is maintaining the server, current room temperatures etc.

What are the Disadvantages of Co-location?

Though Colocation Web Hosting has numerous advantages adds value to their name, it has significant disadvantages which keeps colocation at a sky high from the reach of webmasters:

1.A bulky rate tag. The colocation web hosting itself is not costly, the capital to be invested makes it very expensive.

2.It also requires a person to act as a web master, adds up to the expense.

Thus it is well evident that only serious webmaster can consider the option of Colocation and ideal for high end business where the customer looking to go vitrual, and do constant online business, or having a website using lot of processing.

Though investment looks to be high initially the benefits reaped from this would decrease cost and increase the profit, performance.

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