Is Casio Wk-200 Worth The Price Tag?

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Do you share my experience of having used stiff, plastic feel Casio keyboards? I was nonetheless persuaded to tag along with a friend to try out Casio WK-200 because he had heard that it is 'different'.

This 76 key piano style touch sensitive keyboard is a good bridge between 100 % synthesizer and piano making it very similiar to piano.. With Casio WK-200, you additionally get Casio Step Up Lesson system, lesson workbook and good sized LCD display screen that graphically displays fingering and notes. These applications are great for practicing and in many cases to self learn piano.

Furthermore you will find a recording function for your composition and play, an instant recall capability for preset sounds along with other keyboard setup, auto harmonization ability, arpeggiator, reverb and digital effects and not forgetting USB port for MIDI and MP3/Audio connection. This is particularly beneficial for connecting to your pc to be able to have fun as well as check out additional music and style and pretty much preferred by intermediate players.

It has to be mentioned that the integrated speakers are good, with strong bass effect and crisp, clear highs. The keyboard is lightweight and thus transportable enough to move it about. The keys are not weighted like in piano, but it is full piano style and is touch sensitive, so cross over between this keyboard and piano is not hard.

My sole grievance is that you need to purchase the AC adapter separately as Casio does not supply it in the box, which I find a tad odd. It does run on batteries though should you prefer.

Casio WK-200 comes with all of these features
76-Key piano style touch sensitive keyboard
180 rhythms and reverb plus chorus digital effects
152 built in songs and 10 user songs
Auto Harmonize adds appropriate harmony notes to your melody automatically
Arpeggiator simplifies arpeggio play
Storage of keyboard setups for instant recall when you need them
One Touch Presets sets up the keyboard to match the currently selected rhythm
Casio Step Up Lesson System
Large LCD screen that graphically illustrates fingering and notes
Recorder for composing and play using up to 6 tracks of different instruments
Mic input, 10 seconds sampling
USB port for midi and MP3/Audio connection

Is Casio WK-200 For You?
Newbies who need to reinforce their understanding of the keyboard layout can easily familiarise themselves with the keyboard as a result of Casio WK-200 interactive and fun tutorials which are targeted at sharpening their visual grasp of the keyboard. Casio Step Up Lesson System is also known for its organized, gradual learning method with the cabability to track your performance. These undoubtedly render Casio WK-200 a good option for learners.

With 76 keys, it also means that Casio WK-200 has the capacity to play a wider array of music, which is very much sought after by the more advanced players. The range of capabilities including digital effect, preset tones and rhythms, recordability, mic input, USB port for midi and MP3/Audio connection in addition offer musicians unlimited avenues to experiment and produce their own music.

Primarily, Casio WK-200 allow the players to grow their knowledge. With such unparalleled creative opportunities, this keyboard has a place in home/project studio use, open mic performance as well as classroom/school environment.

This is what a existing owner of Casio WK-200 say about this keyboard

The piano sounds are very rich and full of character. A lot of the Rhodes and Clavinet voices are every bit as good. I love the chromatic percussion sets too. The rhythms and drums sounds also should be complemented.

Don't let the belief that it's a Casio or that it's a budget-priced workstation stop you from trying this board out.

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