Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens

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Egyptian cotton has occupied an important place in the bed linen market today. One of the most widely used material for making luxury bed linens is Egyptian cotton. Luxury Egyptian cotton bed linens are manufactured to the highest standard using the finest Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton linen has become very popular because of its luxurious look, soft feel, durability and comfortability.

Why Egyptian cotton is so popular?
Egyptian cotton is considered as the finest cotton produced anywhere in the world. This cotton is grown in the rich fertile soil of the Nile delta , where there is moderate rainfall and plenty of sunshine. In a period of 7 months, the cotton grows in this area and the slow growth of the crop makes the cotton, a long staple fiber. This makes Egyptian cotton so special.

Why Egyptian Cotton for Luxury Bed Linens?
Spinners use the best of the long staple cotton to manufacture the extra fine yarns needed to weave the high thread count fabric of luxury bed linen. Egyptian cotton bed linens offer not only the basic purpose of warmth and cover but also the elegance and comfort that you look for when want to snooze. This softest cotton gives the silkiest and smoothest bed linens. Not only that, they are also very beautifully designed, enhancing the look of the room. Egyptian cotton bed linens are also very durable. With passing years and regular cleaning, they can last a lifetime. High thread count bed linens are expensive, but it is well worth investing in good quality bed linens which will give pleasure and comfort for many years. For added beauty, complement your beautiful bed linen with well chosen cushions and a soft throw. This can really transform your bedroom, adding style and elegance. With luxury bed linens, your bedroom can really become special place to sleep or just relax in pure indulgent luxury.

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