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Marketing through promotional items can be very effective, specifically because it gives you an edge based on what you are marketing. There are various marketing items available to place your business logo on, from key chains, coffee cups, t-shirts, drink cozies, hats, and American Express even offers gift cards that sport your companys logo if you really want to get noticed by high end customers. Most products or fairly inexpensive to, with the exception of American Express, they require a minimum order of $5,000, or 100 $50 prepaid cards. More recently computer accessory items like flash drives and slip skins for netbooks have advertiser's logos on them.

It is much more enticing to your potential costumers if your products or services are on the very item or service related object that you are involved. That's how many company slogans and logos came about to begin with. Think about Shasta, they have used the same song since the 70's, "...don't want so so soda...," this, in turn, becomes a status symbol of your new service or product. There is a new design made for a website called "The Surrogate Business Owner," that is a light bulb with the dollar symbol inside it and the caption below it reading, "inspiring ideas for financial independence." This logo was made specifically for the website because the site revolves around investing for the common man in hopes of getting the economy stirring again. The logo is on every page of the site and has now become a brand that will hopefully become more recognizable over time through marketing via promotional items.

So, when promotional items, corporate gifts or, sweepstake type giveaways are utilized, merchandise can be customized to sport the company logo design and you could also utilize conferences, seminars or, business meetings to get your product name out to the public. This method of marketing has also been used and has been popular for a long time for political campaigns. This is simply because politicians know the social psychology of how it is easy for people to remember them when they give out campaign buttons with their names on them.

The easiest the product to recall the higher, the possibility this products will be purchased by them. In other words, the higher your popularity rises, the easier it is to market yourself via informational products. Finally, remember that marketing is an investment, but the return on investment (ROI) can be tremendous.

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Promotional travel mugs are an excellent marketing tool for your business. Whether you are gifting travel mugs for travel or for in home or office use, you are guaranteed that one way or another they will be utilized by your customers.

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