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You may have attended a series of lectures, seminars and conferences about bicycles. You may have read a lot of journals, newspaper reports and web pages about it. But at some point you realize that youre on your own to mind your own bicycle ride.

Even the presence of Lance Armstrong running beside you to teach you does not seem to change the gravity of that realization. Isnt that true?

The same is true with any business, including penny stocks. At some point, you make up your mind and live with the consequences of your decision. You take the hit and take responsibility.

Its your own choice at the end of the day. That scares some people. That excites the rest.

In Matrix (1999), Morpheus said it well: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

The first test of a real investor is the ability to deal that reality. Its hard to swallow at first. But once its done, you feel a surge of power within you that only you can describe.

The reason why we emphasize this point is simply because, it is your money on the table. Its not ours or anybody elses. Whatever happens to that money it is the direct result of your decision. Youre the one walking through the door.

What we endeavor to do is to guide your mind in making wise decisions. We show the door. Its a great door to walk through. But all we can do is open it for you.

Check this out:

Now, all you have to do is walk through it. The Newsletter is free. Just leave us your name and email address and we show you the many doors available to you.

To walk through the door requires an open mind. It requires the suspension of any unbelief that you may have. Then, you may wish to verify.

We suggest that you start with opening a blank spreadsheet. Put an imaginary investment money into it. Then make real day-to-day investment decisions using that imaginary investment.

Use this Newsletter to see the various doors open to you:

Two things can possibly happen after a few days. Either you believe it or not. Only then can you decide whether to invest real money or not. But at that point, your mind is ready.

The value of the Newsletter to you shall depend on the result that you experience for yourself. It is but prudent for you to read and ask questions about the profitability of penny stocks. But validate it with your own experience. Mind your own ride.

After all, its a risk-free experience, dont you think? Indeed, its much safer that actually riding a bicycle with no experience behind you but your imagination and enthusiasm.

When worry seems to overshadow you, rejoice because thats normal. We know that feeling very well. Its why we are proud today to show you the way.

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