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If you are new to trading penny stocks it pays to get things right from the very start. With that in mind, here are five tips you should definitely be putting into action.

Make sure you research each stock. This cannot be emphasized enough. You shouldnt be picking penny stocks because you like the name of the company or you want to buy stocks in a specific area. You need to know why you are buying them. Is there good news coming out of that company? Does it bode well for the future? Do all the research you can it will pay dividends later with any luck.

Spread any degree of risk you can. Dont invest everything in a single stock. Penny stocks are volatile and if you want to make money you should invest in several of them at once. This way, even if you lose out with one you still have others that could come up trumps.

Only invest what you would be happy to lose. Are you thinking of investing $2,000 in penny stocks? Would you be in trouble financially if you lost that money? If the answer is yes, dont do it! Never bet the whole farm only bet what you are content with losing.

Dont look for huge gains all the time. This is a big mistake lots of people make with penny stocks. Yes, there is the potential they could explode and make you rich. But its an exception. Most of the time the increases will be small. This means you need to know when your stocks have increased all they will. Becoming too greedy can be a common downfall if you miss out on selling at the right point.

Know when to sell. This continues from the point made above. Dont hang on for an imaginary higher value if it doesnt look like it is going to happen. Play it safe, take a smaller profit and look for another potentially profitable stock to invest in instead.

As you can see there are plenty of tips and hints that can make a big difference to your penny stock investments. And here is one final bonus one to finish with make sure you know how the market works and how to buy and sell before you start. Buying is one thing, but you need to know how you would sell before you actually need to do so.

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