Which Penny Stocks To Buy?

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Investing in penny stocks should not be too much of a risk. Investors are advised to focus on stocks that are low priced, though ensuring that they are listed on a major stock exchange, and that they are more than just a new start up. In particular, shares should be trading for at least one dollar, that there is a listing of the penny stock on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ and that the investments market capital is worth about one hundred million dollars.
In this way, it is possible to find great stocks that are not high risk but yet highly rewarding. To further clarify, here are some of the hottest penny stocks that should be considered.
Firstly, EMCORE Corp. is a stock worth purchasing. In the past year, it has registered a profit of +119%. In the recent past (the last three years), this semi conductor firm has had its stock growing by +53%. Something worth noting is that in the last income statement, EMKR posted a revenue growth on a quarterly basis of about +23%.
A second hot stock worth buying is Dot Hill Systems Corp. In the past three months, its stock has grown by +40%. In the past twelve months, the stock of this company has grown by +67%.
Thirdly, there is Identive Group Inc. which has grown by +23% in the past three months and has shown an increase of 71% for the last half year.
Another penny stock to buy that makes the list is INVE with its notable quarterly growth in revenue of +134% from its last income statement. $1.29 to $3.55 is the whole year range of INVE.
There is also RAE Systems Inc. which increased by +106% in the past year. This is one of the hottest stocks that investors can go for. Through this stock, your portfolio could grow rapidly, since during September last year it moved by +42% within only three days. The company posted an outstanding quarterly revenue growth of +25% in its last income statement. If you are able to consider investing in penny stocks, the rewards offered by RAE Systems are potentially high.
Another company with hot penny stocks to buy is Sify Technologies. This is a company that deals in electronic commerce. The companys stock has soared by 99% in the past six months. There has been an indication by SIFY that it can sustain this growth, having showed a gain of +38% since the beginning of 2011. The best decision you can make is to buy this stock that is almost at its 52 week high of $3.56.
Additionally, there is Majesco Entertainment which has shown a lucrative increase of +148% in its stock for the past one year. This includes a one day gain of +35% in March. If your desire is to see your penny stock grow rapidly, Majesco Entertainment (NASDAQ: COOL) may be your portfolios perfect stock.

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