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Using the British Pound's July 24th chart taken at 9:30pm CET, the forex trading strategy taken from its short side is illustrated in a step-by-step manner showing exactly how the trade was executed using signals from the forex market as well as a number of indicators in trade that is focused on the bearish side despite overly bullish market sentiments. This trade came off with profits, but this still does not mean that this same stance can yield the same results every time. Successful strategies simply trade the odds and try to be right more times than being wrong.

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The charts showed the British Pound to have extremely bullish forecasts at that time with speculators piling into it with greed for profits. The CFTC Net Traders Positions show that speculators are trading at record longs with an 80% bullish indicator. In this scenario, it is clear that a correction in the market is impending. The only thing left to do is to time the market properly. In the forex trading market, timing is everything. There is no way to predict the exact time when a currency is going to move a certain way. This is where momentum indicators come in. With a good free chart service such as those provided in, you can analyze the charts using the Relative Strength Index and stochastic indicators.

The charts will show that the RSI is at bullish extreme and has double topped. While this shows a tapering of the momentum, it does not necessarily signal going short. It is the stochastic that shows a short position to be a profitable trade. Seeing the crossing of the two lines in a bearish convergence triggered an execution of the trading signal. With the odds in favor of the trade, prospects of profits remain to be in upward movement.

Trading with momentum can work for any forex trader who balances trades with low risks and high rewards. Again, there is absolutely no way to predict how the forex market will move so never duped into putting money into ebooks that promise success in the forex market. You can actually set up your own forex trading system that you can trust and understand to be logical.

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