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I've been fascinated with the forex market ever since they recently made forex trading available to the public in the early 90's. Most recently I've wanted to automate my trading and take the human elements of fear and greed(the biggests success killers) away from trading in order to minimize my losses. I started looking into automated trading software for the Forex market.

I went on the search and found the market offered many choices in terms of Forex expert advisors. Needless to say I shelled out a lot of cash and I tested about 10 different forex trading robots. A handful of them did well in certain market conditions, but as soon as the conditions changed and became more volatile, drawdown periods and eventual losses started to add up.

One specific account was diminished by 80% with simply one trade by one of the robots I purchased. Needless to say, I was frustrated, but I knew that was part of trying to "find a way" to make forex trading work.

I was recently introduced to the Forex Megadroid trading robot by a few very credible sources. At first, I was hesitant to buy it and then find out through testing that it was going to be just like all those other robots on the market. But because I was hungry to find something that really worked, I took a chance and got my hands on the Forex Megadroid Trading Robot.

I was really intrigued by the systems used to design the Forex Megadroid. The software was designed with algorithms that have never been used before in forex robots. These parameters are part of what is called RCTPA(Reverse Corrolated Time and Price Analysis) technology.

The RCTPA technology is the result of about 4 decades of "in the trenches" research and advanced computer analysis in designing a forex robot that can have incredible success in constantly changing market conditions. The bulk of this research has been accomplished by the two innovators of the Forex Megadroid: Albert Perrie and John Grace. Both Albert and John have been trading currencies professionally for investment institutions for a while now. Between the two of them, they have 38 years of currency trading experience, ie. "the trenches". The Forex Megadroid is the next level in Artificial Intelligence in forex trading advisors!

I placed my order and downloaded the software onto my computer. The software is quite small and is designed to only work on the Metatrader 4 Forex platform. I already had a live account with the Metatrader 4 software with IBFX. It's the easiest process you can do. Here are the steps.

1) You simply download the software and the instrunctions

2) You copy and paste the software file of the Forex Megadroid Robot onto the "experts" folder of your Metatrader 4. This is found by going to "My Computer" and then "Program Files".

3) You then configure your robot according to the manual, and then activate it.

That's it! That's exactly what I did the day I bought the robot. You then literaly set it and forget it. It helps if you can have it all set up on your desktop, and then have your desktop running at least for the Euro trading session. The Forex Megadroid Robot trades the Euro/USD pair.

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Artificial Intelligence employed in Forex Megadroid trading system is a relatively new advancement and it has done wonders when it comes to robot performance. More info: Forex Megadroid Download

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