IvyBot Review – Still a Reliable Auto Trading Tool?

The IvyBot was launched 3 Months ago now, and in a sea of new EA coming out almost everyday it still offers the most robust performance and features.

Indeed this automated trading software is still the only that:

1. Has a verifiable and insane track record on display.

2. Has been proven and tested live on real money and not just against backtest data.

3. If properly set (many people fail to follow the installation and testing instructions), the IvyBot will deliver real profits automatically.

4. You can actually start trading with an initial investment of as little as $50, whereas other software will require more than $500 as starting capital.

5. This software trades on multiple currency pairs thus increasing the chances for profitable trades, something every other EA lacks.

6. The IvyBot features a loss prevention system that will protect your account and maximize your returns.

In addition to that, IvyBot is not only an accurate software with a high rate of winning trades, but it is also a very active software, meaning that it will trade frequently during the day averaging around 10-20 trades per week, needless to say, most of them winners.

Other software I have recently tried will either be a total mess (even on paper money) or will simply remain idle for days because they are supposedly waiting for a perfect opportunity that never comes (this is the kind of explanation I have received from several support services).

IvyBot is both a consistent and frequent trader which up to this date keeps on displaying its live results on real money, something no other product in its class has been able to match.

Therefore, do not waste your time looking for "magic forex boxes, animals or monsters" and stick to real trading tools that actually work in the forex market. Learn more about IvyBot 's performance and features at:  <a target="_blank" href="http://starturl.com/ivybot" target="_blank">www.ivybot.com</a>

I Had 5 years Experience In Forex Market

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