The extra 100 bucks in your Forex account?

How does an extra 100 bucks in your Forex account sound?

My son, Greg, and I, and most of my team have been continuing to work throughout the weekend getting things ready for you for the big release of my Forex Income Engine 2.0 course on Tuesday.

When you join my program on Tuesday, I want it to be the BEST trading training experience of your LIFE.

That’s why I’m essentially giving away 8 weeks of semi-private coaching, and that’s why I’ve been in private negotiations all week on your behalf to get you something I think will really give your Forex account a nice holiday BOOST!

Here it is:

** The instant you join my Forex Income Engine 2.0 program, I’ll give you a private link that will let you get a minimum 100 bucks added to your Forex account if you open an account with the broker I’ve been in discussions with.

This is something I’ve NEVER done before, and it will be an exclusive arrangement for my Forex Income Engine 2.0 students only.

I worked hard to get the minimum account requirement down to the HUNDREDS, not the thousands, so that means you can start small and get your 100 buck bonus.

I’m still negotiating the final requirements, but I wanted to give you a heads-up right now so you can make sure you’re at your computer on Tuesday at 10am Eastern so you don’t miss out.

And if you want to open a bigger account, the bonus I’m negotiating could be 2500 bucks or even more.

I have a meeting on Monday to finalize the details, which I will officially announce Tuesday morning.

More soon!

LOTS of giveaway entries came in overnight! Holy cow! It’s going to be tough to pick just one, but there’s still time to enter here:


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